Remote Support

Trust Fast, Professional Remote Support

Our remote support system allows us to quickly and easily view and control your computer without us having to come and visit you. In a lot of cases, a simple fix is all it takes for computer problems to be fixed.

All you have to do is click the Start Support Now button at the bottom of the screen, follow any prompts that allow us access and wait for your computer to be fixed.

When is it Available?

Although you are able to access the remote support system at any time, there may not always be someone there to take your request. We do advise you to arrange a session ahead of time  us first so that we are able to give you support quicker.


Ready to Start Remote Support?

2page_img1 A few steps to help you get connected as quickly as possible

Step 1:

Once you click the button below to start the connection, watch for any popups or bars to appear.

 Step 2:

You will then need to click the run button in order for the program to start.

 Step 3:

After about a minute, a window should appear saying that the remote support is starting up.

 Step 4:

That’s it, You should be connected to us in a matter of minutes. If you still have nothing on the screen, try clicking the button again and make sure you look for any popups or bars.