Business Location is Limitless

I was out today on a job in which the office consisted of the back seat of a car. The question is, can it be done?

This client of mine is a private investigator who does business from the back of their car as they are regularly on surveillance. In the world of PI’s, you can never know where they will be next. Cloak Investigations is owned and managed by Natalie & Glen, who are very good at what they do.

I had to take a variety of phones, tablets and computers with me on this trip so that there was an active internet connection on multiple devices. As we were designing a web site, we needed everyone to have a screen for viewing the sample.

Apart from the battery on my Surface going flat (Who forgot to charge it?) we had a successful morning and made great progress on the project. (I love my Surface Tablet computer by the way)

It was proof to me that the answer is Yes, business can be done anywhere. With an internet stick and a computer, anything is possible.